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Read Dan Jr's interview with Texas Driver Magazine

Welcome to, home of Star Mazda Series racing drivers Dan Tomlin Jr, and Dan Tomlin III, and crew. This site features bios, links, slideshows, photos, and other information about the Star Mazda Series, as well as other Team Tomlin activities. We are currently in the process of expanding content on the site, so check back for new information, videos, photos, and Star Mazda series updates. You can subscribe to site updates via RSS feed at the Tomlin blog.

About Dan Tomlin Jr and Dan Tomlin III

The Team Tomlin father and son team began their shared interest in cars by rebuilding an engine for a 1975 Trans Am. The Tomlin fleet now includes a 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago, a 2005 Ford GT and a 2006 Dodge Viper. The newest acquisition is a 2006 Flying Spur Bentley. The interest in cars shifted to motorcycles for some time, but now most of their time is spent on the Formula Mazdas. Dan Tomlin's number is 58, which is the same as the age he started racing, and the younger Tomlin's number is 56, the same number he wore on his football jersey in high school. For more info on Dan Jr. and III, check out their bio links above, or read this excellent article from Texas Driver magazine, which originally appeared in the May/June 2006 issue.

About the Star Mazda Series

The Star Mazda Series was created to develop new auto racing talent by providing an opportunity for competition on the same race tracks that are used for major league auto racing events. The Formula Mazdas have been designed to have the same adjustments found on most expensive cars, and the series has been administered to encourage top performers with speed and consistency.

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